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Natasia Embroidery

Bookmarks and tapestries and fine art in thread

Is embroidery a "fine art"? It is more fine and finicky than any other medium I've worked in so far!

Hi! I'm Natasha Hartman, the artist behind Natasia Embroidery, and I draw and digitize everything you see here. I work in the thread medium instead of ceramics or paint (which is what I trained in) because I adore textiles and art equally.

Pssssst. I also take commission embroidery work, just hit the "Contact" page

My 2024 Event Schedule

I attend events all over the Midwest (and an occasional foray into the Rocky Mountains) to share and peddle embroidery art! Below is the list of upcoming events I am attending.

If its Bold it's a confirmed event!

If it's Italicised, it's in the plan but not confirmed.

Embroidery Set

Natasia Embroidery: Fine Art Threads

Embroidery is more than an industrial endeavor: it is an art

Natasia Embroidery is all about the embroidery art of Natasha Hartman. Using machine embroidery combined with hand embroidery and other textile arts, Natasha strives to make unique art for the nerd, the geek, the dreamer, and the curious.

From fan-art to original designs, find unique pieces and original representation here.

COMING SOON: join our Patreon to get previews of upcoming works, and to vote on upcoming projects!


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